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I am a New Testament scholar (Ph.D. New Testament, Boston College), focusing on the interpretation of early Christianity in light of material culture of Greco-Roman cities. Currently, I am working on three large writing projects. The first places early Christian use of Ps 110:1 in its social context, arguing that Greco-Roman royal ideological concepts influenced the articulation of Christian use of Ps 110:1 (Christ’s Heavenly Co-Enthronement: Interpreting Ps 110:1 in Light of Greco-Roman Royal Ideological Practices). My second project is an introduction for using inscriptions for interpreting the New Testament (Interpreting the New Testament Through Inscriptions: An Introduction) (Hendrickson Publishers). My third writing project is a sourcebook that collects archaeological, epigraphic, numismatic, and literary evidence for divine honors for Greek and Roman rulers in cities associated with Paul.

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