Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials:

Excerpts from anonymous Course Evaluation Reports:

Religious Quest II (Spring 2016)
Biblical Heritage I (Fall 2016)
Biblical Heritage II (Spring 2017)

Solicited Testimonials:

Drew Gibson (Boston College, Class of 2018, Information Systems, Finance, and Computer Science) “Clint’s insight proves to be an asset to our class discussion every day. He effectively communicates his plethora of knowledge in a way that excites and motivates the students to participate – carefully selecting details of the topic that students in a core theology class would find interesting. What I find most impressive is his ability to provide incredible clarity to the most complex topics of the Bible. I rarely left the classroom confused after Clint’s lectures, and if I did, a quick stop by his office would elucidate any confusion. I truly aspire to possess many of Clint’s skill sets, and hope to cross paths again in the future.”

Caroline Conway (Boston College, Class of 2019, Communications and Psychology) “As a student of Clint Burnett, I have watched as he strived to connect, engage and encourage each individual student. He was always available for extra help and support, and genuinely cared about the well-being of his students. His passion for teaching was abundantly evident, and his teaching style was unique and stimulating. Furthermore, the personal connections he made with his students propelled us forward into a dynamic relationship of trust and mutual respect. His teachings always left us feeling energized and excited to delve deeper into the material. He was always eager to teach, but more importantly, collaborate, explore, and learn from all of us. His lessons were always organized and thoughtfully prepared, but he always left us room for autonomy and personal direction. His passion for his work radiated throughout the class daily, and his relentless motivation and knowledge of the material made him perfectly suited as a teacher. His impact on both my professional and personal life leads me to believe he will be an excellent fit as a professor.”

Jane Yoon (Boston College, Class of 2019, Education) “Clint’s support has meant a lot to my academic and spiritual pursuit of the Bible. I have a great interest in the Bible and its historical context, but I have not had many opportunities to explore it in depth aside from personal research. Clint was able to identify this interest through observing my work and engagement in class, and has encouraged me throughout the past year to pursue this field. He has met up with me personally to engage in conversations about the Bible and has provided me with books and resources that could help me learn more. One of the things I am most thankful for is the opportunity that Clint opened up for me to participate in an archaeological excavation in Israel. Although it was available to all students, I was only bold enough to sign up because Clint, someone whom I trusted and respected, recommended it. It feels surreal that my passion for the Bible, which began with a few Google searches, is cultivating into a wholesome experience of the ancient Jewish culture and history. I find myself extremely fortunate to have met Clint, who is eager to invest in my academic and spiritual growth.”